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Crafting a unique brand story, brand identity & packaging design for Molo & its vast range of authentic pickles

The global pickle market has been segmented, on the basis of distribution channel, into store-based and non-store-based. The store-based segment has further been segregated into supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty stores. Artisanal and new-age brands are capturing the pickle market with their unique brand stories and offerings in terms of variety, flavours and originality.

With a mission of keeping the wisdom of our ancestors alive & bringing back authentic home taste with health benefits of pickles, Molo came to us with a very exciting brief. They were looking to launch a range of pickles which are traditional but cater to the modern audience. This posed a set of challenges infant of us. What should the brand communicate? How do we communicate the brand story through the packaging? How do we create a design that has the potential to be scalable across multiple variants?

Molo pickle packaging design

Molo is a new-age pickle brand designed by combining delicious, flavourful pickles with traditional authenticity. Designing the brand identity for this unique brand demanded that we capture its essence. Contrasting a modern, organic font with a handcrafted touch to it, did exactly that. Black & Beige were decided as the primary brand colours keeping in mind the premium nature of the brand and its traditional backing.

packaging design for pickles

Made using the most authentic recipes and choicest of ingredients, Molo’s assorted collection of Indian meal condiments are as close to home-made as it gets. The garnish of love and good health further ensures each ingredient contributes to the delicacy. This helped us form the base of our brand story ‘Home in a Jar’ which induces a sense of belonging and togetherness. The brand takes us back to the days when home meant chitter-chatter on the dining table with loads of yummy food and home made pickle.

packaging design for Molo pickles

packaging design for pickles

Pickles are every family’s ultimate favourite for any meal to be complete. Pickles are those little flavour busters, each bite of whose tastes more delicious than the last. And since most of us live away from the loving shades of our family homes, we tend to find missing pieces of the family members in the food we eat. Be it the achar we gulp or a chutney, we always look for something that has ghar jaisa swaad, don’t we? The product nomenclature made sure that everyone who picks up a jar of Molo pickles feels like they are at home surrounded by their loving family member. To make the packs more communicative, each product name was written in English as well as Hindi.

In terms of pickle packaging, we have seen jars dominate the packed pickle market. Traditionally, packed pickles were preserved in glass jars as they provided better protection from sunlight and also reduced the probability of the material reacting with preservatives and pickle producing acids. Keeping this in mind, we carefully chose square glass jars to keep our pickles fresh and long lasting. These jars were taken a step ahead with die-cut labels having two primary display panels. This allowed for the branding and product name to shine.

Molo pickle packaging design

The ingredient imagery used was illustrative that added to the modernity of the brand. This also increased the premium nature of the food product. A packaging architecture was created using a central circular element to represent wholesomeness. This becomes the main signature design element for the packaging and identifier for Molo products. Variant based bright colours were used for the labels so that they stand out on crowded shelves. On the whole, the branding and impactful packaging design is what has helped Molo stand out in a crowded market full of pickles.

packaging of pickles - MOlo Achar

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