Snickers Chocolates Gift Packaging

Structural Design & Experiential Design
Designing enticing gift packaging for 4 variants of snickers for the E-commerce channel.

Festive season embarks the excitement of gifting your loved ones and Snickers wanted to present 4 amazing flavours of snickers in a gift pack to consumers for Diwali festival. The gift pack was designed considering ecommerce channel and bringing unique unboxing experience to consumers as surprise. The 4 flavours are cashew, butterscotch, almond and peanut.

Snickers gift packaging
Snickers is a premium brand that offers unparalleled quality when it comes to its various offerings. With its extremely strong brand presence and well-defined brand creative principles, it was crucial that the design created for snickers only elevate its premium value.

Snickers Diwali gift packaging

Any celebration is incomplete without the joy of presenting our loved ones with a carefully thought-out gift, packed with the utmost care. The experience of opening a gift and discovering the surprise inside is something that each one of us have cherished.

When it came to crafting the graphics of this wonderful gift offering from Snickers, we wanted to capture this exact experience.

Individual elements were created to bring together the delicious nutty flavour offerings from Snickers with the joyousness of celebrations.

Gift boxes and emojis became the perfect cues to signify the experience of presenting a gift to a loved one and the emotions behind the same.

Snickers gift packaging box

All of this was brought together with celebratory elements like bunting to build a grid visual language for the gift box. This made for a very scalable approach, one that can be easily translated to suit any occasion. A gift-card element holding the packshots, brought in the key offering of the chocolates and added that little attention-to-detail aspect to the packaging design.

Gift packaging box for 4 variants of snickers
Gift packaging box for 4 variants of snickers

Each flavour of chocolates, went into individual boxes that extended their colour palette and offered scope for brand presence as well.

Each flavour box was adorned with their nutty offering taking prominence on the scalable grid language

The structure of the gift box has a unique unboxing experience and brings out the surprise element of seeing 4 flavours of snickers placed in the gift box together. A levitate kind of experience has been created in the gift box by a blue insert separating top and bottom lid and giving it a premium appeal.

These inserts created a functional partition which helped elevate the neat and premium experience of the gift box. The structure was designed considering the transit conditions. The design has multiple layers to provide functionality and structural integrity.

Snickers Gift packaging box
Snickers packaging gift box

For chocolates to sustain a longer period in transit gel packs are used. The gel packs were inculcated in the main structure in such a way that it maintains the inner temperature of the gift box for a longer period of time.

The gel packs were placed inside the tray which had perforation for circulation hence increased effectiveness of gel pack and kept chocolates protected from melting from long hours of transit.

Snickers gift packaging

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