Label Cost Calculator

Calculate the cost for customised stick-on and
wrap around labels using our free tool.

Still doubtful if you're going in the right direction?

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How to use the free Label Cost Calculator:

Step 1:

Choose a label shape, or bottle style depending on your use.

Step 2:

Customise the dimensions

Step 3:

Choose the label Material and Print options required.

Step 4:

Hover over the '?' icon to know more about each parameter.

Step 5:

The price updates live as you modify each parameter.

Key Features

  • Instantly get an estimate cost for your labels
  • Automatically calculates the label size based on bottle type selected
  • Calculate costs for custom shapes and sizes
  • Dive into details of Print Finishes
  • Regularly updated prices from trusted sources.
  • More label styles and materials coming soon.
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