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Powering brands with data-backed creatives and dynamic experiences-
brand strategy, brand identity and visual design , done right!

Brand Strategy

Powering brands with data-backed creatives and dynamic experiences - brand strategy, brand identity and visual design , done right!

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Brand identity

Capitalize on your brand equity without missing your core brand values. Whether you are launching a new product or rebranding an existing one, our visual identity experts help you create impactful extensions of your parent brand, thus building a better brand recall and enhancing visibility.

Visual Design

The #1 factor in picking a product from the aisle is its visual design. We bring our expertise to create everything from typography to colors, space to layout. We help you build your brand visuals, setting you apart from the crowd. Ace the cluttered market with vibrant designs.

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As a branding & packaging design studio, we believe every product industry needs a good brand experience design to wow its audience.  We are industry agnostic and help every consumer product or service company create Brand awareness a Wow factor with our in-depth experiential designs. Any product company that wants to make their brand design and packaging designs stand out in the market is an ideal audience for us. It may include D2C brands, FMCG products, small and mid-sized startups, etc.

Clients need branding design or brand development while starting their consumer journey and want to launch new products or relaunch existing products with a better look and feel. We believe that the branding & Visual design should be such that it touches the audience’s chord

Visual packaging design is an extension of the brand design & brand identity systems. We pay special attention to the visual design, visual graphic design  and package design to ensure your brand strategies are translated seamlessly across your product line on all compact canvas like the packaging.

Yes, the brand kit will be an output of this service. Our brand kit includes all the components you would require to take your brand experience for the consumer to the next level. These components include a detailed brand strategy guideline, (Brand Vision & Mission, Consumer Persona, Brand Archetype / Personality, Brand Purpose, Brand Values, Tone of Voice, Brand Story & Tagline), Brand Identity Assets & Usage Guidelines (Logo - Structure, Meaning, Proportion, Exclusive Zone, Size, Placement, Variation, Aspect ratio, Do’s & Don’ts; Design Elements - Iconography Style, Visual Style, Image style/photography style, Color, Typography) & Brand extensions (Print Media - Collaterals / Documents (proposals, invoice, letterheads), Marketing templates (Posters, Advertisements, etc), Digital Media - Social Media, PPT Templates, Favicon)

We believe in creating the ultimate buying experience through our brand design services. We conduct an in-depth branding audit, draw up a brand strategy by identifying a unique brand positioning help you decide the brand nomenclature, craft a unique brand identity for your brand, create a brand narrative, and taglines, and provide experiential packaging design that help in creating unique visual design extensions across several touchpoints

Visual packaging design is an extension of the brand design & brand identity systems. We pay special attention to the visual design, visual graphic design  and package design to ensure your brand strategies are translated seamlessly across your product line on all compact canvas like the packaging.

As a branding agency, we conduct a thorough assessment of the current branding deign, brand identity systems & packaging visual design &  graphic design before beginning the project. It helps us understand your brand visual style, brand identity, colour scheme, and what is working & not working. This helps us deliver a unique visual identity design for your brand in line with the current market scenario.

Your packaging graphic design project duration depends on the scope of work.

A consumer & category study is done at the beginning of the visual design project.  This helps us understand your target audience’s expectations, likes & dislikes, and the components required for your branding design, packaging design & building a brand identity that would stand out in the market. We also offer consumer feedback sessions post the design concept stage. It is the first step in ascertaining whether the visual design will work or not.
Secondly, We use an artificial intelligence platform like a predict Ai that has built a visual design platform called Neurons. It helps us understand the overall branding design of the creative through a global data set.  

A packaging design guidebook is a document that captures all the brand design, graphic visual design data & elements that are required for the brand to move forward. It includes the packaging architecture, visual design language, imagery, typography, brand colour palettes, design extension, etc.

Graphic design and illustration are your first visual design touchpoint to create an impact on your audience. We cater to comprehensive design research, packaging design architecture, and graphic visual design extension study, create mockups and samples, create a detailed visual design guidebook, create packaging renders, and make visual design illustrations for impactful branding design communication across various print and digital mediums.

What our customers say...

We’ve  partnered with Bizongo on several projects, spanning from new product  development to visual identity development for existing products. They’ve  added great value in all areas of packaging development – engineering,  manufacturing, testing , 2D graphics creation etc. Their expertise has been  complemented well by their speed and responsiveness, which has helped us in  delivering faster on our marketing objectives
Omkar Sathe
Ex-Brand Manager
We  onboarded Bizongo Desworks and we are very happy with the output they had  provided us. Their understanding of the brief was spot on and I was happy to  see the depth of thought exercised on each design element. Post redesign,  Melalumin has significantly increased its customer base and improved the  brand ranking in this category.
Managing Director, India | Menarini Asia-Paciific
Melalumin Packaging
Want to  express my deepest gratitude to the Bizongo team for the amazing job on the  packaging transformation, from the old Alpino1.0 to the new Alpino 2.0, it’s  not only beautiful but effectively communicates the unique selling points of  the brand. proud of the hard work and dedication that went into this  transformation, keep up the great work!
Umesh Gajera
Co-Founder | Alpino Health Foods
Alpino Brand