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Alpino’s goal was to push beyond its competitors by standing out with design and recreating its branding to convey the right message to its target audience.

alpino peanut butter

The Problem

Alpino is on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare sector of India by helping customers with all protein needs. The combination of the best peanuts and needed proteins makes it a tasty, unique, and high-protein snack option. While Alpino started with the packaging to attract its audience, the design would not tell more about its brand story and connect with the youngsters. Alpino’s goal was to push beyond its competitors by standing out with design and recreating its branding to convey the right message with a story.  They wanted to redesign their packaging and branding to stand out on the shelf and appeal to younger audiences.

Alpino peanut butter


The first challenge was to make the packaging convey the story of “Hero Ingredients - Peanuts.” The story of Junagadh, from where the ingredient is sourced, and making customers visually connect with the area. As Alpino aims to provide all the needed proteins and revolutionize the healthcare sector of India, the packaging needs to convey the right USP of the brand. The design needed to create a clean & contemporary packaging architecture that is unique to the category and showcases various recipes on the pack to showcase different use case scenarios.

The Solution

Our team focused on storytelling as the core of communication and visuals to convey the brand message. The design was a combination of creativity, strategy, and modernity that would attract the young audience and was focused on Alpino’s core mission: Being synonymous with peanuts!

Here is HOW we did the magic:

1. Depicting Archetypes and Personality

We worked on depicting two archetypes - “The Everyman” and “The Hero” that resonate with sincerity, honesty, wholesomeness, cheerfulness, down-to-earth warmth, and playfulness. Alpino’s core mission was to provide all the needed proteins using high-quality peanut products with a natural and delicious taste. By blending these two combinations, we created a brand personality that seems trustworthy and of high quality.

2.Visual Identity Transformation

We worked on introducing a new logo that reflects a modern, youthful, and playful image while still preserving its iconic mountain element to maintain a strong connection with the customers.

Redesigning alpino logo

In addition, we chose a white and green color scheme to convey the freshness and vitality of the brand and the product. The typography was carefully chosen to strike a balance between organic and structured forms to make the brand look more friendly and approachable. The letters ‘P’ and ‘O’ reinforced Alpino’s identity, making it more easily recognizable and associated with the peanuts.

3. Color Palette

The color palette crafts the dynamic personality of Alpino, showing it as bold, bright, and harmoniously balanced, aligning with the core archetype.

Color Palette alpino

The primary color, “Green,” makes the brand take the spotlight, representing the brand’s bright and dynamic personality creating a strong identity. The secondary colors that are vibrant and bold help packaging to stand out on the shelf, from packaging to digital platforms.

4. Brand Illustration

Our team built a brand illustration that served as a visual representation of the brand’s value and connected it with their “Hero Ingredient” - the Peanut, which was sourced from Junagadh, India.

Brand Illustration

In addition, the illustration showcases the natural beauty of the Junagadh and Gir region, connecting consumers with the origin of the product. The inclusion of Gujarati farmers wearing traditional attire adds authenticity and uniqueness to the brand.

5. Packaging Redesign

We helped Alpino transition from the fitness segment to the breakfast segment, resonating with the younger audiences. The design has the flexibility to accommodate different products and sizes with the brand’s product line while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Alpino Health Foods

Alpino Packaging Redesign

In addition, the clean and contemporary design with a modern and uncluttered appearance aligned with the updated brand image, USP and communicated the story of the product.Further, the use of imagery on the pack highlights the different recipes prepared using the product, focusing on enjoying the products in versatile ways.

Alpino Redesiged Packs

Alpino new design using AI

Finally, we used data and AI to compare Alpino's new design with one of its top competitors. The results were clear: Alpino's new design performed much better in terms of Focus, Ease of Understanding, Clarity, and Engagement. This solidified our belief that the new design is a significant improvement and sets Alpino apart from the competition.

The Results

Alpino successfully relaunched a 2.0 version with a strong, scalable brand identity and unique packaging design across stores & online platforms.

Here is the impact of our Design:

  • Increased Shelf Appeal: The new design stood out prominently on shelves, increasing the "pick up" factor and positively impacting sales.
  • Stakeholder Approval: Distributors, store owners, and the Alpino sales team enthusiastically embraced the new design.

Here’s a quick testimonial from Umesh, Co-founder of Alpino Foods.

Alpino Foods Testimonial

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