Innovative Packaging Solution for Hornback foldable E-Bike

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HornBack wanted to create a seamless and frustration-free unboxing experience for their customers. Hence, the task was not only to design functional packaging that secured the innovative electric bikes in its folded state but also to ensure their protection during transit.


In the bustling city of Hyderabad, industrial designers from IIT Bombay Nishit and Rajkumar introduced innovative e-bicycles that were known for their portability. They have designed the world's first diamond frame folding electric bicycle. With 4 patents, they are one of the few companies in India to actually have in-house design, R&D, fabrication and paint systems.

The Challenge

It was essential to balance durability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the packaging materials, along with providing sufficient protection to withstand transportation rigors. 

Moreover, the packaging design must be attractive & can accommodate the weight of the e-bike (up to 25 kg) while considering space constraints for storage & transportation associated with flat-packable packaging.  

Another challenge was to ensure easy unboxing of the e-bikes without requiring excess force and maintaining the brand’s identity with a seamless unboxing experience for customers. 

All this was meant to be solved by keeping SOPs simple and making the packaging reusable in case of return shipping. 

Our Solution

1. Product Study:

First, we studied the e-bike in its folded and fully assembled forms:

Weight: Approximately 24.5kg (including a battery weight of 1.68kg).

Outer Dimensions: 1006mm x 519mm x 983mm.

The charger was also considered, with specifications to be determined.

e bike rolling front to back
e bike rolling front to back

2. Packaging Concept:

Innovative Packaging of folding electric bike

The packaging design consisted of a 3-part telescopic box supplemented with custom inserts to secure the e-bike during transportation. The housing was implemented to restrict the front and back moments of the wheels.

The primary packaging featured 2-ply rolls, making it sustainable and preventing frame scratching while minimizing plastic usage. In addition, the traditional zip was replaced with paper tape, further showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Further, adding the front flap and the bottom tray allows customers to easily access the bike, facilitating easy and smooth roll-out of the e-bike and enhancing the unboxing experience of the customers.

3. User testing:

During user testing, here were some insights we captured:

  • Different methods of lifting the lid were observed, with some individuals struggling to lift it from both shorter sides.
  • Opening the front flaps could be challenging, with frustration arising from the tape that held the flaps closed at the bottom. Alternative solutions like velcro, easy tear tape, and tear strips were suggested to improve this experience.
  • The ropes were easy to untie, prompting consideration of a similar tying SOP instead of Strapex.

4. Transit Trial:

The transit trial from Hyderabad to Mumbai confirmed the packaging's resilience and its ability to protect the e-bikes during transportation.

Innovative Packaging solution of electric bike
Packaging of electric bike


Here’s our innovative and data driven approach created an impact for Hornback’s ebikes : 

  • Streamlined SOPs optimized the unboxing experience, enhancing user-friendliness and efficiency.
  • Achieved a sustainable packaging solution with 95% plastic-free materials, aligning with eco-friendly initiatives.
  • The aesthetically pleasing design elevated the brand image while effectively protecting the e-bike.
  • Integration of a straightforward roll-out cycle during unboxing contributed to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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