Open Secret Cookies Assorted Gift Box Packaging Design

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Designing fun unboxing experience for cookies to unveil rich ingredients used in the product.

The idea was to bring out the story of ‘Open Secret’ to consumers specially to mothers. The package opens like a book and unveils the secret and rich ingredients used in cookies. The package holds two cookies in flexible pouches. The structure of inner package protects the fragile cookies by providing cushion and zero contact between two cookies.

open secret  healthy cookies
cookie box packaging
Open secret cookies packaging
Open secret cookies packaging


The gift box was specially developed for festivals and occasions. The clamshell structure of packaging is inspired by marine oysters to depict the secrets of cookies in the box like a pearl. The premium appeal of the gift box was highlighted by a golden strip running along the edges of the box. The gift box design is an extension of secondary packaging as it follows a similar story and unboxing experience. The gift packaging was curated to contain assorted flavors of cookies packed in their book-like.

assorted cookie gift box


The display pack was designed to create an enticing and memorable experience for first-time consumers. As this display box was designed to launch the cookies, it was important to make the brand stand out on the shelf and differentiate it from the other products. The outer structure was designed like a lunchbox which was a key factor to connect with our target audience(mothers). The lunchbox structure also helped to emphasize the motto of the company ‘Perfect Lunch Snack’. The design was built to highlight the product on the shelf by creating two steps in the structure. The steps provided in the shelf ready pack design give better visibility to the product in the aisle or at the checkout counter.

assorted healthy cookies
open secret assorted healthy cookies
open secret assorted healthy cookies

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