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Bizongo’s Artwork Flow faced the significant challenge of presenting a unified language about their brand. They aimed to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity for its global clientele.

The Problem  

Artwork Flow aims to empower brands in every industry to market their products/services faster by digitally supercharging product development, asset management, and proofing. They help brands streamline their creative operations with an industry-leading flexible workflow builder, AI-powered proofing tools, a secured digital asset management system, and more.

While Artwork Flow aimed to create an appealing brand identity, the website UI design seemed off track. Artwork Flow’s goal was to create more than a brand identity: a harmonized, diverse creative to represent their clientele worldwide visually.

Every design, color palette, and visual element in the SaaS website design needed to reflect the threads that define ArtFlow’s unique brand story.


To redesign the SaaS UI design to establish a captivating brand identity that is globally appealing, delivering a unified and vibrating language that encapsulates the essence of Artwork Flow as a brand.

The Solution

Our team focused on a comprehensive website UI UX design process that involved research, creativity, and multiple iterations to ensure we met the client's expectations. 

We started collecting information about the platform, understanding the business goals, and exploring their solutions. We did a benchmark analysis by examining their competitors and gaining more insights for inspiration.

Here is HOW we did the magic:

Concept and Inspiration

The Artwork Flow’s brand identity is a dynamic Logomark featuring semi-circular visual elements seamlessly integrated into the typography. These elements are a visual aesthetic and potent symbol, representing their core service - creative collaboration.

Designing for a digital SaaS platform meant that the logo needed to be scalable to touch points such as favicon, app icon, etc.

Artwork Flow

Brand Book

Along with the brand identity, it becomes imperative to articulate comprehensive guidelines for the various elements comprising the brand. For example, the logo usage guidelines, color palettes, illustrative styles, typography, icon styles, and thumbnails.

Each guideline must define the Artwork flow’s visual language and ensure consistent brand identity across touch points. Here are the guidelines for each element:

Logo Usage: 

We formulate guidelines that cover some crucial aspects to ensure consistent and appropriate usage of the brand’s logo. These aspects included the guidelines regarding the logo's primary, secondary, and single-color versions, stipulating the precise space requirements, defining the minimum size for optimal visibility, and outlining the do’s and don’ts.

Artwork Flow by Bizongo

Color Palette:

Artwork Flow has a great color palette that makes you think of creativity and motivation. We added more dynamic visual language for the website UI UX design, playing with more tints and shades. 

The primary green color signifies creativity, growth, and balance. In striking contrast, the electric purple fusion adds a touch of inspiration, sparks the imagination, and injects the vibrance into the brand.

The carefully selected colors create a dynamic visual language and characterize the brand. While the neutral colors provide a harmonizing balance, ensuring a cohesive representation of brand identity on their SaaS website design.

Color Palette


We curated dynamic, clean, and robust font families to ensure the fonts resonate and show a distinct brand personality. 

The font selection empowers the creative use of typography, allowing for strategic emphasis on crucial information. Such a combination keeps the perfect balance of readability and originality.


Illustration Styles 

We crafted dynamic and crisp illustration styles tailored for diverse applications, such as landing page visuals, platform depictions, value representations, and personal portrayals. 

These styles highlight key features and embody core values with clarity and impact. In addition, these effectively communicate the brand’s offering and users across all the marketing niches.

Illustration Styles

Icon Styles and Thumbnails

We established primary and secondary icon styles to fortify the brand's value. Primary icons blend the outlined visuals with singular colored elements to represent core features, while secondary icons utilize filled visuals for secondary features.

In addition, we defined thumbnails, incorporating round rectangular visuals against a dotted gray background tailored for various applications. 

Icon Styles and Thumbnails

Website Design

Highlighting the product features and applications of Artwork Flow’s expanding global clientele was quite a challenging objective for us. The extensive visual language crafted for the brand seamlessly translated into the Artwork Flow website. 

The website design boasts a custom visual language across all touchpoints:

  • Distinct language for screens, showcasing product features.
  • Illustrations showcasing service offerings.
  • Imagery style dedicated to client testimonials.
  • Clean calls-to-action (CTA) and navigation controls.
  • Dynamic typography styling to emphasize key brand offerings.
  • Persona illustrations representing various stakeholders of the platform.
  • Unique styles for primary and secondary icons and thumbnails throughout the website.

The Results

The website design endeavors for Artwork Flow have yielded a compelling and cohesive brand identity that aligned with the brand goals. The brand's visual elements, color palette, typography, and illustration styles work harmoniously to create a robust and unforgettable presence on the SaaS website design.

Check out their website:

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