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Conceptualizing the primary & secondary packaging of a new category of FMCG products - BabyChakra’s range of baby, mom & home care products.

Baby Care Products

After being the fastest growing platform for parents to discover care for their families in India, approached us for the packaging design of their new range of FMCG products for baby,mom and home care. The unique nature of the product demanded an equally unique packaging design language that would beautifully capture the essence of the product.  

Right from the word go, our approach was centered around creating a nomenclature, identity and visual language that would immediately resonate with the target audience for this exciting new product with its unique proposition.
Babychakra Products
Babychakra Handwash
Babychakra Products -Hands kit
Babychakra Products -Travel kit

As we deep dive into details of what gives the product its true value, it became essential to emphasize on the carefully chosen ingredients for the constitution of the product. The language crafted for the primary and secondary packaging did just that with great attention to detail to every communication aspect. The packaging became the canvas for BabyChakra’s story of complete baby,mom and home care through their range of products.

Babychakra Products - Baby, mom and home care

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