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Crafting a unique brand identity and packaging design for Biker's complete range of men’s grooming products.

Grooming needs of Bikers are unique and different from general men’s grooming. Along with being fit for daily use, Bikers are looking for long-lasting freshness, style and confidence to be restored even after their long riding adventures.

Cavinkare approached us to create the brand identity & packaging design language for Biker’s unique range of products. Foraying into men’s grooming, these products have been scientifically crafted to meet the needs of the specialised target audience of bikers and fuel future-readiness.

cavinkare Bikers Shampoo

A biker stands to the testimony of trust, perseverance and a winning attitude. This is exactly what the brand identity needed to resonate as well. Bringing the consumer to the central focus, the Biker’s identity combines characteristic forms of a bike with a bold sans serif font, to create a modern day identity. The type is enclosed in almost a shield like unit that stands for the ultimate protection and care that the brand offers to its consumers.The metallic hues further resemble the accents of a bike, adding that attention to detail, to create an identity, that is the all encompassing solution for bikers today.

Bikers often meet with a lot of pollution and dirt on their adventures, which invariably have a damaging effect on their personal care. With the goodness of natural ingredients, theses specialised products target the obstacles faced by bikers and give them ultimate long-lasting results to keep them driving through the day on wheels.

Biker Shampoo

With the goodness of moringa and aloe vera, the Helmet Damage Repair shampoo gives you strong, clean and conditioned hair and makes helmet your friend again. With the goodness of whey and almond, using the Strong & Bouncy shampoo you can flaunt your strong wavy hair as you ride. With the goodness of ginger and mint, the  Anti-dandruff shampoo helps you say goodbye to dandruff while you ride.

Shampoo packaging design

These very specific results brought about by the carefully selected natural ingredients became the heart of each offering from Bikers. The packaging architecture developed, extends the shield-like element from the identity to convey the underlying story of ultimate protection. The 'V' of the shield holds the ingredients giving them a place of glory on the packaging. Careful colour coding of each variant to meet category cues and yet present its own unique offering was of utmost importance. Metallic accents and small details like the 'wings' on the either side of the product name carried the 'Biker story' forward, throughout.

Shampoo packaging design

The design was crafted in a systemic way, making the translation of the design to any SKU or variant seamless.

All the products came together to create a brand that is dependable, a brand that understands the needs of its audience and a brand that stands for the Biker's attitude of togetherness, hard work, trustworthiness and of course, undying adventure.

Bikers Shampoo packaging

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