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Bombae Razor Packaging: An Elevated Unboxing

Structural Design & Experiential Design
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Our challenge was to bring out the USPs of their ‘Rollplay’ razor, make the unboxing special, make sure it looked good when stacked anyway, make it easy to put together at the warehouse, all while keeping the material use to the minimum

Bombae's "Wings to Rise" Razor Packaging

Dive into our innovative Bombae razor packaging redesign that focuses on improving the unboxing experience and ensuring top-notch product protection


Cool Roller Design:

Embossed sections of the razor’s details adds a delightful tactile feel.

Simple Two-Part Design:

We made the box in two parts, so it's easy to put the razors in and safe to transport.

Playful Look:

We made sure the design of the box matched the razors' fun style.

Cool Roller Design Razor Packaging
Two-Part box Razor Packaging
Playful Packaging Design of Razor

Impact on the Project:

Enhanced Unboxing Experience:

The packaging solution has successfully elevated the unboxing experience, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Product Protection:

It effectively safeguards the product, ensuring it reaches customers in excellent condition.

Reduced Material Wastage:

By optimizing materials, the packaging minimizes waste, aligning with sustainability goals.

Positive Customer Reception:

Real customers have expressed their satisfaction with the packaging through favorable reviews on Amazon and other platforms.

Amazing Amazon reviews on innovative razor packaging

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