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Brand, strategy & packaging graphics design for a unique range of products as a sustainable alternative for daily tissue needs in India.

One of the leading producers of disposable papers in India, Origami recognized the increasing need for sustainable practices. Hence they crafted Good Karma, a unique range of products that are eco friendly and yet do not compromise on quality or functionality. This brand new range of tissue paper products are unbleached and 100 % recycled using their proprietary process. Such a unique and conscientious endeavour demanded an equally unique and conscientious approach to the brand and packaging graphics development. 


The design principles were developed focusing and clarifying what is and is not Good Karma. These principles drove the design of all touchpoints for the brand.

1. QUALITY DRIVEN WITH A CONSCIENCE: Without compromising on quality, Good Karma becomes a step towards a better choice. 

2. ASPIRATIONAL: Driven by creativity and innovation, Good Karma defines a unique path to a greater destiny in a style that is true to self.

3. BROWN + GREEN : At every touchpoint, we will leverage the grounded vitality of Good Karma. Addtionally we will continue to integrate the dynamic quality that the brand encompases.

Origami -Good  Karma
The logo becoming the essence of the brand, it had to be an amalgamation of all of these principles. The duality in colour resonated with the dual aspect of quality with a conscience. The ‘infinity symbol formed with the two ‘O’s combines aspects of nature such as a leaf and a water droplet. This becomes a logomark and can be used in itself as an identifier for the brand. The infinity symbol also stands for the constant search for betterment using creativity and innovation that Good Karma stands for.
Fiber revive technology

Good Karma developed a new proprietary process; Fibre Revive, to offer you a range of products made exclusively with recycled, unbleached fibre sources in an environmental friendly manner.

The Identity for fibre revive technology developed was a comprehensive integration of all aspects including enhanced fibre properties, Zero Effluents, Reduced carbon footprint & Sustainability.

Brand & Graphics for Tissue Paper Packaging - Origami Good Karma
Brand & Graphics for Tissue Paper Packaging - Origami Good Karma
Brand & Graphics for Tissue Paper Packaging - Origami Good Karma

Good Karma includes a range of tissue products as a sustainable alternative for every tissue paper need. This included a variety of products such as Kitchen Roll, Facial tissue, Paper Serviettes, Toilet rolls and more. A systemic approach was adopted in order to develop the packaging graphics for these range of products. 
Brand & Graphics for Tissue Paper Packaging - Origami Good Karma

Each product had its unique set of product properties. The packaging language crafted catered to each individual product, selecting category specific colours and customised icons of every product attribute.

Thus, whilst each product had it own unique look and feel they also came together to form a homogenous range of products that aptly represented the unique brand story. 

Brand & Graphics for Tissue Paper Packaging - Origami Good Karma

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