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Redesigning Melalumin’s range of products to be sold in the Indian market.

Menarini Asia-Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of leading Italian pharmaceutical company Menarini Group. They combine the strengths of their global resources with local customer insights to bring the best medical innovations to consumers. Melalumin is a brand under Menarini that sells dermatologist approved products in India. The brand has a range of depigmentation and skin care products. Earlier sold through doctor’s prescriptions, Melalumin wanted to seamlessly transition from a Rx brand to an OTC brand while giving their products a fresh and modern visual appeal. The new identity and packaging design aimed at revamping the look of the products and helping the consumers connect to the brand.

The brand identity was created to reflect the values that the brand offers. Melalumin stands to the testimony of trust, effectiveness and dermatologists recommendations. This is exactly what the brand identity & packaging needed to resonate as well. Bringing the offerings to the central focus, a clean and simplistic sans-serif logotype was created keeping in mind the genuineness of the brand. A detailed pattern was crafted using a combination of multiple elements to support the new identity.

Moving away from a white heavy packaging was essential to reduce the Rx or pharma nature of the product. Turquoise was chosen as the brand colour to denote a balance of ingredients derived from nature and science. The colour turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, sophisticated, wholeness and balance. Owning a brand colour would help Melalumin increase the brand’s recognition & recall value, and stand out on the digital & physical shelf.

All the products came together to create a brand that is dependable, a brand that understands the needs of its audience and a brand that stands for the consumers’s need of wanting a well researched & effective OTC product.

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