Brand & Packaging Design for Grow Kit

Packaging Engineering & Development
Crafting the brand identity and experiential packaging design for a specialized kit used to grow microgreens.

MyHomeFarmer as a brand, aims to be a one-stop destination for all the unique home garden needs, primarily for the Indian market. They approached us with an extremely interesting offering into a brand new category. Recognizing the tremendous nutritional value that microgreens provide when added to the diet, they wanted to present the Indian market with an easy-to-use kit that would be a comprehensive solution to growing microgreens within the comforts of your home. This kit had to be instructive & provide an experience that would ease the usage of the product for the consumers. The kit included - grow tray, soil disks, seed packets, germination lid & instruction manual. In addition, they also foresaw kids to be an important section of the target audience and wanted the kit to be designed in a manner that would be attractive for the little ones as well.

Brand Identity :

When it came to developing the brand identity for MyHomeFarmer, its core offering became the heart of the ideation process. MyHomeFarmer needed to be presented as a brand that is your go-to modern-day solution for all home gardening needs. The brand needed to capture this very essence. With its products being sold primarily through ecommerce channels, digital touchpoints became an important consideration for developing the identity.


The brand identity developed seamlessly incorporated the key elements of ‘home’ and ‘gardening’ within the logotype. A simplified representation of plant in a pot and roof-like slants added to the letter ‘m’ of home became just the right amount of character to make the identity a smart modern-day representation for the brand. The sans serif font used in the identity made it contemporary, clean, crisp and easy to read.

Packaging Design :

The pack format of the kit was developed taking into account several considerations including but not limited to - different components to be included in the kit, dimensions of these components, type of box, type of material and layout of components. This became a very crucial step that would define the experience of the consumer.

The packaging graphics was developed keeping the consumer experience at heart. A unique tabular structure that seamlessly brought the identity and the core offerings together, formed a strong systemic base for the packaging graphics. Photographic imagery of the different variants gave an instant visual connect for the consumer, establishing the product use. A distinctive visual language was developed that could satisfyingly capture the instructive nature of the kit. The packaging format had several surfaces that were utilized to convey pertinent information to the consumer. This made the kit a cohesive solution for them. 

Brand & Packaging Design for Grow Kit - MyHomeFarmer
Brand & Packaging Design for Grow Kit - MyHomeFarmer Variants
The packaging graphics for the different surfaces of the box highlighted key information - nutritional benefits of the unique product offering, the contents of the kit & use case scenarios for the microgreens. These were designed keeping in mind the priority in which we wanted the consumer to take in each piece of information.
Microgreens - process

Each piece of communication was carefully designed as a combination of visual graphics with type to ease the retention of information at the consumer’s end. Structuring the information, defining the hierarchy and grouping them into chunks became an important exercise of the entire design process. 

The visuals that were developed needed to be easily understood and had to serve as visual aids to the information provided. Each visual needed to capture the gist of the information being conveyed in a manner that would be clean, comprehensible and attractive to the consumer. This became doubly crucial for the instruction manual and germination lid components. Each step of the instruction needed to summarize the step of the process with such clarity that it could be used by kids as well. This was an interesting challenge that the project posed. 

Brand & Packaging Design for Grow Kit - MyHomeFarmer
All of these aspects were tied seamlessly together to create the comprehensive solution that is now the MyHomeFarmer's Microgreens Grow kit! We wish you all a happy growing experience :)
Brand & Packaging Design for Grow Kit - MyHomeFarmer

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