Dog Nutrition Brand & Packaging Design

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
Re-designing the brand identity and packaging for canine health nutrition brand, BarknTreat.

About the Brand

BarknTreat Canine Bakery is a startup passionate about providing healthy exclusive dog treats. Through their fresh products, baked with love, BarknTreat’s mission is to facilitate and harness the relationship between the dogs and their parents. This emotion had to be captured in the re-design for the identity as well as the packaging.

Dog Food - Representative Image

For this exciting project, our approach was centred around creating a visual language that would immediately resonate with the dog owners and the emotion that they possess for their lovable canines. The Identity was thus made soft to cue in the emotion while being playful through its interesting use of negative space.

Dog Nutrition Brand - Bark n Treat
Bark n Treat Brand & Packaging Design

Highlighting the furry wonders in all their glory on the packaging became extremely crucial. As we dived deeper into details of what gives the product its true value, each bit of information was carefully crafted to create this fun, yet sophisticated design. The split of the canvas here reminds us of a similarly crafted packaging design for &Me period chocolates and Chunky’s granola. 

Bark n Treat - Dog Nutrition Brand & Packaging Design
Bark n Treat - Dog Nutrition Brand & Packaging Design

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