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Designing a distinct primary packaging for phenyl of quantity 1L which can be scaled to other quantities (500 ml, 5L )

Structure design, Packaging Graphics, Design engineering

Product Journey mapping

We mapped out the journey of the product to understand the scope for innovation to distinguish the packaging from the clutter of parallel products.

Product Journey


The main challenges can be classified into three categories

Distinction : The market being cluttered with similar designs for bottles it was important to design a bottle that stands out from the crowd.

User Experience : Packaging for a daily use product like this should be as intuitive and ergonomic as possible to increase the user experience. While pouring it is essential to avoid any spillage or teacup effect.

Material : Bottle in this category are flimsy and this causes usability issues and makes the bottle look and feel less premium.

pet bottle design
Initial Ideation and form exploration

Design and adaptation

pet bottle design

Crafting unique forms for the bottle was the primary objective keeping in mind the usability issues and manufacturing constraints. Early on, from conducting user study and testing multiple market competitor packaging, we came to the conclusion that, there was a need to incorporate a handle in the design for 1L and 5L to increase the usability of the packaging. 

The details and design elements are designed and engineered carefully to increase the structural strength and rigidity of the bottle as well as to bring in the aesthetic value to attract the target customers

The design got adapted to other quantities as well

( 500 ml and 5 L)


The simulation of the bottle was done to ensure there are no structural issues happening during manufacturing transit or usability standpoint. We made sure the handle can sustain and provide the best user experience.

Simulation- pet bottle design


We innovated the manufacturing process of the bottle to get the optimum outcome we required.

The handle will be co-moulded along with the bottle and then the neck will be snapped into fit with the handle and bottle thus securing the handle in place.

 Manufacturing- pet bottle design


phenyl bottle label design

For the graphics, the key design decisions were as follows:

  • Clear Label for Variant differentiation: The phenyl product was available in several variants and this needed to be highlighted while keeping the design consistent. An interesting play of transparency was incorporated to a clear label to create a window-like element through which the liquid colour could be seen
  • Distinctive Colour for product recognition on shelf: The market being saturated with various phenyl products, it was important to choose a distinctive colour palette for the product that would help it stand out on the shelf. The deep teal colour selected brings in the perfect balance of representing the category colour code of blue but also bringing in a distinction through the play of green. It also gives the product a slightly premium look and feel.
  • Product use imagery: Representing the product application appropriately on the pack becomes key for specialised usage products. Through flat vectors of a bucket, mop as well as a clean streak the application of the product was clearly communicated

floor cleaner bottle design

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