Elevating Essilor's Varilux Lens Packaging for a Premium Brand Experience

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The goal was clear: deliver an exceptional brand experience to customers while championing convenient logistical operations


As the world's leading optical lens manufacturing company, Essilor embarked on a mission to transcend traditional packaging. The goal was clear: deliver an exceptional brand experience to customers while championing environmental sustainability. This case study vividly illustrates how our packaging agency orchestrated a triumphant overhaul of Essilor's Varilux lens packaging, resulting in amplified customer satisfaction and a substantially reduced environmental footprint.

Client's Challenge

Essilor aimed to create a luxurious packaging solution for its Varilux lens collection to elevate its brand image and redefine customer experience. The agency was tasked with designing two distinct packages: one for the premium range and another for the rest of the collection. The cost constraints were firmly set at Rs. 300 for the premium collection and Rs. 150 for the economy collection.

Key expectations included:

Enhancing the end consumer experience.

Accommodating fitted frames for easy transportation to opticians.

A dedicated slot for an authenticity card for easy access.

Varilux Lens Packaging

Our Approach

Our journey to revolutionize Essilor's Varilux lens packaging unfolded through several meticulously executed phases:

1. Research

In this exploratory phase, we delved deep into competitor packaging and studied parallel product packaging. We ventured into physical stores to glean insights into existing packaging practices. Our findings revealed that frames were often dispatched in plain spectacle boxes, which profoundly influenced our design direction.

2. Structure Design

Guided by our research, we meticulously crafted design criteria focused on functionality, experience, and logistics. Our objectives were clear: accommodate specs cases of varying sizes, protect frames during transit, and infuse a premium essence into the packaging.

Structure Design Varilux Lens Packaging

3. Engineering and Prototyping

This phase saw the transformation of ideas into tangible prototypes. We painstakingly selected materials, introduced magnetic locking mechanisms, and orchestrated the integration of various kit components.

4. Product Study

To ensure our prototypes stood out in the competitive landscape, we rigorously compared them with rival offerings. Key considerations included cost, target quantity, and overall efficiency.


The "Flip" design emerged as the crowning choice for the premium kit, priced within budget. It not only incorporated all elements from the economy kit but also introduced a folding specs case and an informative pamphlet. The premium kit exuded sophistication with its premium CMF (Color, Material, Finish), affirming Essilor's commitment to innovation and quality.

Results and Impact

The redesigned packaging for Essilor's Varilux lenses produced exceptional results:

Elevated Customer Satisfaction:

Customers welcomed the premium packaging with open arms, leading to a remarkable boost in brand perception and overall satisfaction.

Environmental Stewardship:

Our packaging overhaul significantly reduced material waste and instilled a culture of recycling, harmonizing seamlessly with Essilor's eco-friendly ethos.

Logistics Excellence:

The new packaging demonstrated remarkable compactness, making it effortlessly portable for both customers and opticians.


In summation, our packaging agency masterfully transformed Essilor's Varilux lens packaging, delivering an unparalleled brand experience, championing environmental sustainability, and optimizing logistical efficiency. We extend an open invitation to potential clients, encouraging them to explore our prowess in creating innovative, effective packaging solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

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