Branding & Packaging Packaging Design for Flavure Snacking Olives

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Crafting a Unique Branding, Packaging & Communication Design for the brand Flavure & its first healthy snack offering, flavoured olives.

Flavure is a healthy snack brand designed by combining delicious, flavorful food with natural goodness. Designing the brand identity for this unique brand demanded that we capture its essence. Contrasting a modern, structured geometric font with an organic playful tongue at the end, did exactly that.

Flavure Healthy snacks
Flavure Healthy olive snacks

Flavure olive snacks

The brand brings to the world unique ‘snackable’ olives that aren’t messy to eat and pack a flavourful punch.

As a delicious & juicy snack flavoured to Indian palettes (namkeen & spicy with strong flavours), these olives are a gift to the format of ready to eat food products.

They become the perfect 'on-the-go' snack for any and every occasion.

Flavure olive snack on the go

The product imagery used was realistic that added to the honesty of the brand. This also increased the appetizing nature of the food product.

A systemic approach created a central 'O' element to represent olives.

As more products get added to the brand portfolio this lends an alphabetic approach for the architecture of their packaging outputs as well.

On the whole, the importance of branding and impactful packaging design is what has strengthened the brand language.

Flavure olive branded snack
Best Flavure olive branded healthy snacks

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