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Packaging Design for Olive Tea

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
Crafting the packaging structure and graphics to create an authentic experience for a unique offering in the Tea segment, Olive Tea

Giolly by Regent Enterprises Ltd has been well established and known for its high quality product offerings within the Oil segment. Now venturing into a unique offering of Olive Tea, Giolly approached us to craft the packaging experience for this exciting new prospect. The product offers numerous health benefits and was to be positioned as an alternative for green tea. The packaging experience had to resonate with the uniqueness of the new product offering whilst crafting a story that would grasp consumer intrigue.

Giolly Olive Tea

Packaging structure :

Manufacturing of Olive tea in India:

It started in 2007, the project was set up in 20,000 sq feet area in Bassi, Rajasthan

In 2017, India was successful to manufacture tea from olive leaves. Olive tea has great health benefits such as it reduces risk of cancer, keeps heart healthy, anti-viral properties, rich in antioxidants, reduces blood pressure, amplifies immunity, rejuvenates skin, aids in diabetes and is an anti-inflammatory agent.

We got the opportunity to design packaging for the most innovative invention made in India. Our focus was to provide more space for information and aware consumers about the product benefits. While designing structure of the packaging we kept these 3 critical points in mind:

Giolly Olive Tea Packaging
  • Information driven packaging: The packaging opens into a leaflet for consumers to know about the rich information of history & benefits of tea while sipping it. 
  • Easy of storage:  The packaging opens and becomes a tray for easy & quick dispensing. Especially in office scenarios where multiple users need tea sachet during tea breaks. The inside box acta as a tray to dispense the tea sachets easily
  • Unboxing experience:  The outer form and style is very familiar to the competitor brand to give a sweet spot in brand positioning on retail shelf. The distinctive factor is the unboxing experience by bringing a surprise element of opening the outer cover into a leaflet and building a smooth connection with customers about the brand and product

The construct of the packaging has been designed to utilize maximum amount of the space for branding. The orientation of packaging can be kept both horizontally or vertically according to the space constraints of shelf and maximize the visibility.

Giolly Olive Tea Packaging  design
Orientation of packaging can be both horizontal and vertical
Orientation of Giolly Olive Tea Packaging
The outer cover opens up into a leaflet to provide information about olive tea

Packaging Graphics : 

The modern-day consumer has become increasingly well informed and is constantly seeking out information to inform their purchasing decisions. In such a scenario bringing in the origin story of this new product in the Tea segment became crucial. It would be the first time the country would be seeing a "green tea alternative" produced out of olive leaves grown across Rajasthan. Olive teas brewed from the fresh leaves grown in ‘The Land of Maharajas’ would bring the next health revolution across the globe. 

Packaging Graphics of Giolly Olive Tea

Taking cues from the ‘The Land of Maharajas’ the design elements were created to cue architectural elements seen in the origin state.

Interspersed with Olive leaves imagery, the composition brought in the product connect and became the foundation for the packaging graphics. A coral orange became a distinctive colour for the brand.

Benefits of Giolly Olive Tea

The packaging graphics was crafted keeping the consumer experience at heart. A unique tabular structure that seamlessly brought the identity and the core offerings together, formed a strong systemic base for the packaging graphics. The numerous health benefits provided by the product needed to be structured in a way to ease information retention for the consumer. Structuring the information, defining the hierarchy and grouping them into chunks became an important exercise of the entire design process.

Flavours of Giolly Olive Tea

The different flavour offerings were elevated using carefully selected colour codes to signify each flavour - be it mint, tulsi, lemongrass or the combination pack that provided an assortment of all the three flavours. Each flavour design came together to create a harmonious range of olive tea offerings under the brand Giolly.

Giolly Olive Tea brewing instructions

The packaging graphics for the different surfaces of the box highlighted key information - nutritional benefits of the unique product offering, brewing instructions, origin story, ingredients, etc for the Olive Tea.

These were designed keeping in mind the priority in which we wanted the consumer to take in each piece of information.

Giolly Olive Tea visual graphics

Each piece of communication was carefully designed as a combination of visual graphics with type to ease the retention of information at the consumer’s end. Each visual needed to capture the gist of the information being conveyed in a manner that would be clean, comprehensible and attractive to the consumer.

Giolly Olive Tea Packaging
Giolly Olive Tea visual graphics and packaging
Giolly Olive Tea visual graphics and packaging

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