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Brand & Packaging Design for Festive sweets

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
A unique concept, brand, and packaging design for a festive pack of peanut chikki by Jersey.

Godrej Jersey - Festive Sweets

Ullas is a retail sub-brand under Jersey (Godrej). They wanted to come up with a brand comprising of indulgent Indian sweets that are richly made with pure ghee. The motto was to communicate a celebratory feeling when with family and friends. Jersey Ullas was looking to develop a visual language resonating with the brand identity onto the new packaging design for their upcoming products.

Festive Sweets - Godrej Jersey Ullas

A lot of Indian celebrations are accompanied by families coming home, with gifts and sweets. Festivals are a time of togetherness and happiness. Presents are adorned with intricate gold ribbons which have more or less become a symbol of celebration and gifting. For the brand logotype, we have taken the golden ribbon as an inspiration and evolved it further to suit the packaging design for Jersey Ullas.

Brand & Packaging Design for Festive sweets - Godrej Jersey Ullass
Brand & Packaging Design for Festive sweets - Godrej Jersey Ullass

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