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Packaging Design for Incense Sticks

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Conceptualising and designing the secondary & tertiary packaging of a new category of FMCG products.

Incense sticks packaging design

After being one of the fastest growing agarbatti brands in India, ITC Anushri approached us for the packaging design of their new range of agarbattis under their Mangaldeep portfolio. The product demanded a unique packaging design language that would stand out on the shelf, and would adapt across multiple SKUs seamlessly.

The scope of this project was to design a new range of Mangaldeep (Anushri) agarbatti packs to extend Mangaldeep’s presence in the entry level popular segment, which forms about 37% of the overall agarbatti market sales. The design needed to keep in context the fragrances of the variants, existing architecture of Anushri & target competition. The primary objective was to create transition for Anushri from a sub – brand to the main brand with only an endorsement from Mangaldeep.

3in1 incense sticks packaging design

The project not only evolved an in-depth study of the category, but also of competition brands and trends. Our approach was centered towards creating a packaging design that would immediately resonate with the target audience.

Anushri was looking to launch a 3in1 variant with the fragrances of Sandal, Lavender and Jasmine all in one pack. It was crucial to communicate this on the pack. A circular unit with semi-realistic visuals of flowers was created with supporting typography.

Purple was used as a colour that could be owned by this range which made it starkly different from the current Mangaldeep Portfolio. The packaging was designed in a vertical and horizontal orientation on each side to help create presence regardless of how the pack is placed on shelves. This unique solution created functional ease for shopkeepers while arranging and displaying these agarbatti packs. Dispensers were designed for the Rs. 10 & Rs. 50 pack with an extension of this design.

Packaging Design for 3 in 1 Incense Sticks
Packaging Design for ITC Mangaldeep Incense Sticks

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