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Crafting a unique branding & packaging design for the brand Nature’s Collective & its healthy snack offering.

Nature's collective snacks

Healthy eating is one of the biggest trends that has taken the world by storm and with consumers opting for healthier options, it seems it's a trend that's here to stay. We've seen a tremendous growth of healthy snacking options and brands take over the market, and hence it was important to for us to create a packaging that will not only reflect the goodness that's inside, but also stand out on the shelf.

Nature's collective healthy snacks

The brand identity was created with a combination of a monogram and logotype so that it resonates with the target audience while establishing Nature’s Collective’s essence of naturalness & authenticity. The monogram was created keeping in mind the long brand name, so that the identity is memorable & easy to remember and forms a deeper connection to the brand name.

Healthy snacks

While designing the packaging for Nature’s collective, our aim was to represent the product while expressing the goodness that’s inside. The packaging expresses the simple and uncomplicated nature of the product ingredients with a clear, concise packaging that tells the consumer what is in the product at a glance. The focus was in creating a brand for foods with recognisable ingredients, purity and authenticity. Although the demand for healthier ingredients has increased, the demand for flavour is still the same as it always was. These naturally flavoured products were depicted with vibrant colours and hearty typography. The idea was to maintain a simple design that promotes the essence of the product, while letting consumers know that Nature’s Collective has nothing to hide. Our vision was to create a packaging design that appeals to the modern sensibilities of improving consumer’s quality of life.

Healthy snacks

Modern brands have been bending more towards the products whose packaging show information on their main panel about the benefits, nutritional information or other essential product features. We were focused on effectively portraying the key messages and communicating health information on the front of packaging without overcrowding the look of the pack. This was done in a simplistic typographic way. A seal for the main USPs was created to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product. The design was created to have a simple yet elegant look that is informative and yet playful enough to be appealing to wide audiences.

Healthy snacks

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