Packaging Design for Sesa Hair Oil in Lotion

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Conceptualizing & designing a new pack for Sesa's premium product in the market

A leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of Ayurvedic hair care products since 1996, Sesa has always positioned itself to the market as a mass brand. Due to the ever-growing popularity, they decided to reposition themselves as a mass as well as a premium range of personal care products. Under the premium product range, Sesa’s Hair Oil in lotion was launched as a solution for easy application of nutrients on hair. Infused with 18 Ayurvedic herbs, the product deeply nourishes your hair and scalp. It contains Vitamin E and the goodness of avocado, almond, and olive which is the key highlighting of the product.

Packaging design for Sesa Hair Oil in Lotion
Sesa Hair Oil in Lotion -goodness of avocado, almond, and olive

Our approach was centered around creating a design that would immediately resonate with the target audience for this exciting new product with its unique proposition.

As we deep dived into details of what gives the product its true value, it became essential to emphasise on the carefully chosen ingredients for the constitution of the product. We followed a new-age approach for the imagery taking inspiration from a pile of balanced stacked stones. The imagery of the ingredients were composed alongside a bed of cream to indicate the consistency of the product.

Sesa Hair Oil

The colour palette with shades of green gives the brand an elevated feel amongst the category. Green symbolises the fresh and natural aspects, whereas gold adds to the premium-ness of the product.

The tube substrate was given a pearlised glossy feel to enhance the visual experience and create a balanced contrast with the cap.

Key proposition of the product being 'Parabens Free' was highlighted through a blown-up icon on the label.

Non-Sticky Hair Oil in Lotion
Sesa hair oil packaging

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