Packaging Structure for food delivery

Packaging Engineering & Development
Meal tray design of 3CP & 5CP with a single-serve bowl of 500ml & 750ml for in-house brand Fillit.

A food tray has to be designed to cater different types , temperature and density of food. Our designs have been crafted keeping in mind the consumer experience, frugal transit conditions & assembly line at kitchens. The design has flowing curves & round edges which provides ease of usage while eating from the tray.

Meal tray design for 3CP & 5CP

A leak- proof design which also avoids interspill. The design has soft round edges in each compartment for ease of use. The partitions are designed to provide rigidity to the structure and hence avoids warping of tray.


A smooth transition from square base to round edge that provides strong structural strength. Optimal tolerances lock has been designed to avoid spillage during transit. The lid has defined ribs that provides better structural integrity and can sustain transit conditions.

The designs provide better user experience and resolves functional challenges currently seen in the market. As a step towards sustainability we have gone through multiple rounds of value engineering to reduce weight of the product.

Material used in designs are food grade PP & PET for recyclability.

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