Packaging Redesign for Sugar Substitute

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
Conceptualisation and packaging redesign for a natural coconut sugar with stevia blend.

Lowkal is a natural coconut sugar with stevia blend. The leaves are several times sweeter than sugar but with zero glycemic indexes. Lowkal uses a patent-pending process to completely eliminate the bitterness usually associated with stevia leaves. This makes it the most natural, SAFEST sugar alternative the market can offer with NO SIDE EFFECTS. Sugar thus goes out the window, perfectly replaced by Lowkal can be used in any hot and cold beverages.

The idea here was to use this natural sugar's applications to communicate the product USP's and benefits rather than focusing on the product itself which anyway is not consumed directly.

Curating this unique form of visual communication while treating food as art and medicine made Lowkal stand out while cracking the branding and marketing communication strongly.

Lowkal also took a bold step of breaking category color norms (Alternate Sugar Competition brands are heavy on green and yellow usage for the natural cue) of using greens to red which is a colour of energy, enthusiasm, intensity and strength all of which can be bi products of using Lowkal.

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