Re-branding for Personal care range

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
Personal Care
Brand Identity Re-design and conceiving a visual language for the various existing and new products for Sesa's personal care range.

Sesa has always positioned itself to the market as a mass brand, but because of the ever-growing popularity, they decided to reposition itself as a mass as well as a premium range of personal care products. This project undertaken by us has served that purpose. We have created a strong visual language which can be scaled on to their existing packaging and new products to be launched in the near future.

Sesa Personal care range
The brand identity was re-designed keeping in mind, the category, the target audience, the market equity that the brand already commanded and its scalability. The brand was also to be repositioned to appeal to the premium segment so as to increase the market share. We followed a new-age approach taking inspiration from organic contours of nature. This was beautifully translated later while designing visual communication for other products.
Re-branding for Personal care range - SESA

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