Revolutionizing Shoe Box Packaging: A Case Study with Yoho Footwear

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In partnership with Yoho Footwear, we changed the way shoes are packed in India. Our goal was simple: to make better boxes that are good for our environment and a delight for you to unbox.

Revolutionizing Shoe Box Packaging: Yoho Footwear


  • The box had to be super sleek to ensure a volumetric weight of below 1kg to save shipping costs.
  • Cue the innovative nature of Yoho’s moccasins while telling the brand’s story
  • The packaging needs to be reusable. Additionally, boxes should be beautiful as The customer shouldn't discard the packaging after taking the shoes out of it.

The solution:

  • A memorable unboxing experience and unique form unboxing gives a opportunity go viral
  • Quick and intuitive assembly to reduce human error
  • The story about the product with supporting visuals makes the consumer more involved with the brand and also makes it interesting to go through all the information on the pack.
  • Usage of pop colors makes it look fun as well as conveys the wide range of colors the product has to offer.
  • We tried multiple prototypes to get the engineering just right for the twist mechanism to work in a thick material like cardboard
  • We reduced the amount of cardboard used from their previous packaging, thus reducing costs.
  • Keeping sustainable design in mind, we used materials that are renewable, recycled and recyclable.


Working together with Yoho Footwear, we made a box that's delightful for you, safe for your shoes, and good for our world. The 'Twist' shoe box is a sign that we care about making things better.

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