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To design shipper box for a leading Ecom based cosmetic brand that engages consumer through DIY activity thus making packaging purposeful It should have unique unboxing experience that stands true to the brand ethos of JOY and PURPOSE

Packaging is often considered as the last leg in a consumer's journey, not to forget all the additional cost that the seller has to bear. To make a shift in perspective, and change the game of packaging, we at Deswork tried to add value with a quick implement-able solutions for one of our ecom clients, resulting in- ‘packaging being a quirky experience for the consumer rather than just a garbage goal.’

How far can we go at repurposing a simple corrugated box used for shipment in a sustainable way? Such that the cost is minimal, the process happens in a blink of an eye but stays in the consumer's mind forever! The brief was simple enough, but as its rightly said, ‘simple concepts are derived in the most complex processes’. Our structure team took a stroll at the box which was supposed to house a cosmetic product and penned down quite a few potential ideas. But the one below is closest to our heart.


This concept starts with this simple idea of adding a flap on the surface of the box which becomes the opening of the above shown box. The flap on the base acts as a cover to protect the product inside. Now the catch here is, that as soon as we empty the box, and follow the perforation given on the base, we achieve a handy tissue box! Whereupon you store tissue where the product was kept earlier, and with the use of hole that you created following the perforation helps you withdraw tissues. The entire concept is based on the principles of increasing the purpose of the box and striking just the right amount of experience for the users.

We kept the standard specifications intact when it came to material, such that it was not a mess for operations people and made sure that the pack is collapsible. Infact, the added flap helped in strengthening the top load of the box, everything was achieved without costing pearls to the client. On the consumer part, the effort for conversion was constantly trial and error-ed in the development phase to ensure a convenient and happy experience.

Lastly, we added stickers to enhance the entire unboxing experience and give consumers the personalisation touch when kept on their dressing tables.


Through the 5S step, we were able to achieve a packaging experience which was sturdy and exhibited value addition in the hands of end users.

  • The single flap addition was such a strong yet simple idea which made the entire concept smart & minimal, keeping it cost effective as well.

  • The collapsible property made the box a storage friendly production.

  • Since the product inside was cosmetic, and re-usability ensured use of tissue papers (which is used quite often in the makeup process), we could facilitate a story which would connect with a larger audience.

  • The surprise & sustainable element was derived from the fact that consumers could reuse the box instead of throwing them away for a longer period of time of course with the additional quirky stickers that made them their own-kind of box.

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