Ultratech Crackfiller

Ultratech has developed a new product which helps in sealing minor cracks on walls and furniture which is completely new in the market. Brief was to create packaging structure, visual identity, and packaging graphics for Ultratech’s consumer product with a unique offering for the mass audience

Structure design, Branding, Graphic design


-Designing Ultratech’s first B2C product around the existing brand colors to leverage the equity that Ultratech has built.

-Identifying the nozzle size for optimum flow.

-Design should be scalable to both 50gms and 70gms 

-Incorporating a scrapper in the packaging.

-Making the whole packaging ergonomic.

-Developing secondary packaging and combo packs for same

-Designing a chain of blister pack with perforations for a heavy product.

Design Process - Structure

After doing in-depth primary research we found critical conditions for designing a package for this product. There were three major components that needed to be designed.

crack filler ultratech

1. Scraper:

Integrating scraper along with the cap to reduce the number of parts and to avoid losing the scraper. For designing the scraper we tested different profiles using multiple mockups. In the end we came to a solution of having two different angled scraper meeting at 90 degrees to reach every corner and spread evenly.

Scraper for Ultratech Creackfiller

2. Nozzle:

For nozzle we had to try out different nozzle size and shape to determine the best possible outcome. The liquid was filled into tubes and squeezed out through the nozzles at different time interval. The preferred diameter is found out to be 1.2 mm.

Nozzle Selection

3. Bottle:

Designed the bottle with filleted rectangle cross section to increase the squeezability and to have an ergonomic design. Two different Bottle sizes were designed for 40 gm and 70gm.

Bottle sizes for Crackfiller

Design Process - Graphics

Leveraging the equity that Ultratech has created for itself by using the brand colours: Yellow & Black was crucial. This was an important aspect to create resonance with the consumers. The brand identity is a clear & bold logotype that showcases what the product does. The packaging was designed keeping in mind the newness & educative aspect of the DIY product. Since it is a new product there was a requirement to educate the audience while making sure the product stands out on shelf. This was done through iconography and realistic imagery for application areas.

Crack Filler
Crack filler by ultratech
Crack filler by ultratech

Secondary packaging

We also designed secondary packaging for both SKUs and combo pack. We crafted a mono carton packaging for 90gm and blister pack for 50gm.

Crack filler Packaging design

Project Impact:

- Helped Ultratech enter the B2C segment with a strong visual identity & unique packaging structure. 

- Helped the brand scale across various product sizes and color variants with scalable designs.

-The utility packaging helped customers  for convenient and efficient use of the product.

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